AMTA 2013 Conference - Music & Health: Evidence & Evolution


9:00 am

AMTA 2013 Conference - Music & Health: Evidence & Evolution

Music can influence health through its direct effect on the brain and physiological function, and through the health-promoting effects of improving mood and quality of life. Health benefits can arise from direct connection to music through playing, singing or listening to music, or through the social connections that often accompany music participation.  

Keynote Speaker:

Professor Raymond MacDonald

Raymond MacDonald (Professor of Music Psychology and Improvisation at the University of Edinburgh) has conducted research investigating therapeutic applications of music and in 2012 co-edited the text Music, Health & Wellbeing.  In addition to his role as editor of the journal Psychology of Music for the past six years, Professor MacDonald is on the editorial board of numerous other prestigious journals including Musicae Scientiae and the Journal of Music Therapy.  Professor MacDonald has worked in many capacities to provide access to musical activities for people who have special needs and his on-going research focuses on issues relating to improvisation, musical communication, music health and wellbeing, music education and musical identities.

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