A/Prof Nikki Rickard - Music & Happiness


6:00 pm


Associate Professor Nikki Rickard

Psychology, Monash University

6pm, 4th November 2013, Melbourne Recital Centre


Music and Happiness: How music promotes emotional health and wellbeing

Music is an emotional elixir. It helps us manage our negative moods and experience highly pleasurable emotions. Music can also generate intensely sad and fearful emotions, and influence more complex states such as our sense of meaning and purpose in life.  In this presentation, Nikki Rickard explores how research is providing insight into when music is beneficial for our emotional wellbeing, and when it might be used to signal ill health.   The role of music as a means for young people to self-manage symptoms of depression will also be explored.

Although this event is free, bookings are essential. Tickets can be booked through the Melbourne Recital Centre website. Podcasts of the lecture will be available a few days after the event at http://www.melbournerecital.com.au/news/2013/11/listen-to-the-music-on-the-mind-november-podcast/