Music On The Mind: The Genetic Basis Of Singing: Twins And Musical Ability


6:00 pm

The Genetic Basis of Singing: Twins and Musical Ability


Presenters: Professor Sarah Wilson & Yi Ting Tan


As part of the ongoing relationship with the Melbourne Recital Centre, this event engages the public with Melbourne Conservatorium of Music research on systematic enquiries into the genetic basis of musical ability, as understood from the study of twins. 


While music is ubiquitous to all known human cultures, individual differences in music ability have sparked intense debates regarding the relative importance of nature and nurture in shaping music ability. Singing is an ideal paradigm for investigating the genetic basis of music ability. Using an online twin study and a set of singing tasks, we investigated the genetic basis of singing by disentangling the contribution of genetic and environmental influences.



Professor Sarah Wilson is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and research scientist with a particular interest in the interrelationships between brain processes, cognition and behaviour, and their psychosocial outworkings. She is recognised for pioneering music neuroscience and music neuroimaging research in Australia, as well as characterising a new clinical syndrome following the successful treatment of chronic disease.


Yi Ting Tan recently completed her PhD in Musicology at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Her background spans the fields of piano performance, musicology and computer engineering. A recipient of the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship and Australian Postgraduate Award (2012-2016), her main research interest is in music psychology, with a particular focus on investigating the individual differences in musical abilities.   



Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Music, Mind and Wellbeing initiative at The University of Melbourne


Admission: $10 (bookings are essential).Tickets can be booked through the Melbourne Recital Centre website

Podcasts of the lecture will be available a few days after the event on the Melbourne Recital Centre website.