Combatting The Four Dangers Of Practice Complacency


6:00 pm

Location: Middle Theatre (room 106), Babel building, The University of Melbourne Parkville campus. 

Presenter : Adina Mornell, Professor of Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich

Seminar Title : Combatting The Four Dangers of Practice Complacency

All staff and students are welcome!

The synthesis of motor learning and sport psychology research combined with music teachers’ experience and observation points towards four common pitfalls of optimal learning:

– Comfortable Habits
– Mistake-Avoidance
– Foggy Goals
– Ego-Protection

Practice strategies based upon the musicians’ awareness of human vulnerability to these four issues is more efficient, heightens self-confidence, and enhances musical security on stage. Indeed, training at the highest level of artistry requires one to stretch beyond the “comfort zone” and incorporate alternative practice methods that can even seem counterintuitive.

This lecture/ discussion combines current results from empirical studies done with musicians and non-musicians alike to critically examine how and when practice behavior is creative/ productive. It also addresses the problem of change: A high dose of motivation is needed in order to alter year-old behavior. Patience, reflective thought, and conscious action are needed in order to deviate from a normal practice routine, yet the rewards are worth the investment and illusion of risk.
A reading list will be provided for further reference.

More about Adina:
Internationally renowned concert pianist and music university professor Adina Mornell combines her decades of experience as a performer, concert organizer, educator, and music facilitator to build bridges between the artist and listeners of all ages. Her expertise in music, musicology, pedagogy, and music psychology give her the knowledge and creative tools essential to her ongoing process of discovering ever new ways of bringing the artists’ message to diverse audiences.