Music On The Mind Lecture 4: The Tills Are Alive With The Sound Of Muzak: Effects Of In-store Music On Consumer Behaviour And Attitudes

Professor Adrian North

Melbourne Recital Centre


6:00 pm

Although this event is free, bookings are essential. Tickets can be booked through the Melbourne Recital Centre website

The use of music in shops, bars and the like has long been the source of considerable light-hearted derision. The playwright J. B. Priestly once bragged of having “had it turned off in the best of places”. However, research has accumulated over the past two decades showing the myriad effects it can have. Some of these are positive for business, by for example increasing spending, influencing product choice, or even helping to control the speed and direction of customer movements. Some of these effects are positive for consumers also, by improving mood in commercial premises and helping customers to achieve their goals. This talk presents an overview of some of the many effects of music that have been identified, with particular emphasis on their commercial implications.