Nurturing Creativity: From Infant Songs To Symphonies

Prof Margaret Barrett

Melbourne Recital Centre


6:00 pm

It has been observed that creativity awaits the prepared mind. For educators and parents alike what prepares the mind for creative thought and activity is of major interest. This lecture will draw on the findings of a series of longitudinal studies of infants and young children’s music-making to trace the developmental pathways to music creativity. Prof Barrett will discuss the facilitators and constraints on young children’s creative thought and activity in family settings and consider the implications for curriculum and pedagogy in music education. The discussion will be extended through reference to recent research on the pedagogy of creativity when expert composers work with non-neophyte student composers.

Although this event is free, bookings are essential. Tickets can be booked through the Melbourne Recital Centre website. Podcasts of the lecture will be available a few days after the event on the Melbourne Recital Centre website.