Articles From 2011

Music improves health outcomes in cancer patients


Prof Denise Grocke, MMW Executive Member and world leader in Music Therapy, is co-author on a Cochrane Review released in August 2011 detailing the health benefits of music interventions for cancer patients.

Nurturing giftedness


Professor Gary McPherson has been working with 14-year-old pianist Tiffany Poon as he researches musical giftedness. Katherine Smith reports.

Voice Vol 7, No. 7, July 2011 - 7 August 2011.

Education is going for a song


It's music to a teacher's ears! A major study involving Gary McPherson, Deputy Director of the MMW, has found that playing musical instruments and learning to sing complements a student's overall education. Click here to find out more.

Singing and memory the focus of a new documentary set in Lake Boga


Recently ABC Victoria's Fiona Parker spoke to Associate Professor Neil McLachlan about the value of singing for learning and personal development.

If you have an interest in music education, the teaching craft, or the resonance of memory, you will be most interested in this discussion.

Minister Garrett launched new film on power of music in education


On 5 May 2011, the film Seriously Singing was proudly launched by the CMMW to promote planned cross-disciplinary research which will explore the connections between music and wellbeing from a scientific perspective. Seriously Singing relates the story of a group of children from Lake Boga Primary School who “couldn’t tell a crotchet from an aniseed ball” but won national acclaim at the Commonwealth Jubilee Choral Festival.

Giving a voice to generations


The film Seriously Singing, launched by The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP for the Centre for Music, Mind & Wellbeing on 5 May 2011 in Melba Hall, shows Jessie Carmichael's remarkable ability to get the best from her students, often by painting vivid mental images.

Read more here.

Musicians help chronically ill young people flourish


CMMW member Dr Katrina McFerran has joined the team at ‘Aardvark’, a community organisation bringing together legends of Australian pop and rock music to help young people with chronic illness record a CD, and flourish creatively. Voice Vol 7 No. 4 April 11-May 8 2011, pg 5.