Minister Garrett Launched New Film On Power Of Music In Education


The film, Seriously Singing, by Malcolm McKinnon relates the story of a group of children from Lake Boga Primary School who “couldn’t tell a crotchet from an aniseed ball” but won national acclaim at the Commonwealth Jubilee Choral Festival.

The choir was flown specially to Melbourne to perform with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in an event broadcast nationally by the ABC. Seriously Singing is a film about the surprising resonance of history and the capacity of young singers to exceed all expectations, including their own.

This film was proudly presented by the CMMW to promote planned cross-disciplinary research which will explore the connections between music and wellbeing from a scientific perspective.

Director of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and a lead researcher at the CMMW Professor Gary McPherson said Seriously Singing implicitly addresses the challenge of delivering an equal and culturally enriched education in Australian public schools across the geographic and social diversity of the continent.

“In many Australian primary and secondary schools, music programs are non-existent or limited in content or conviction and are often thought to be incidental to the pursuit of literacy, numeracy and academic standards, student self confidence and wellbeing,” Professor McPherson said.

“Seriously Singing engages these themes and shows that making music can enhance learning as well as a sense of self and achievement in all areas of the curriculum.”

Click here to read an interview with singing teacher Mrs Jessie Carmichael who is featured in the film (Michael Lallo, The Age, 5 May 2011).