Articles From 2016

Dr Jeanette Tamplin - Channel 7 Morning Show interview - 1/12/2106


Dr Jeanette Tamplin - Channel 7 Morning Show interview - 1/12/2016

Channel 7 Morning Show hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies talk to Dr Jeanette Tamplin, Research Fellow in Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne about her research in music therapy and virutal reality. View the podcast here.

Dr Grace Thompson - Radio National Interview on Music Therapy - 22/10/16


Radio National’s Andrew Ford talks to Dr Grace Thompson, Lecturer in Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne and President of the Australian Music Therapy Association about music and the brain and how a music therapist works (Sat 22nd October 2016). Listen online here.


Dr Jeanette Tamplin awarded VCRN Early Career Clinician Researcher Award


The VCRN Early Career Clinician Researcher awards were created by the VCRN to recognise and support clinicians who have demonstrated their commitment to careers as clinician researchers. The VCRN ECCR Award (Allied Health Category) and a prize of $1,000, to contribute to attendance at a relevant conference will be awarded to Dr Tamplin on 8th December 2016.



Grant success for Dr Young-Eun Claire Lee


Dr Young-Eun Claire Lee has recently received funding from the University of Melbourne - Early Career Researcher Scheme ($24,840) to conduct a pilot study examining the effect of therapeutic songwriting on identity reconstruction for people experiencing psychosocial adjustment issues following epilepsy surgery. This study harnesses music’s unique capacity for self-expression and story telling to reconstruct a healthy, sustainable, and meaningful self-identity. This work stems from a large current randomised controlled study investigating the same songwriting protocol in people with acquired brain injury or spinal cord injury. The findings from this study will provide further insight into the potential benefits of this innovative music-based intervention in reframing self-identity in neurological populations. 

Panel @ Face the Music, Melbourne Music Week


On Thursday 17 November, Prof Sarah Wilson, Prof Kat McFerran, Dr Margaret Osborne and Solange Glasser delivered a well-attended panel discussion on Music on the Mind for Face The Music at Melbourne Music Week.

The Brief?

Does listening to Mozart make you smarter? Do rock and techno have the same effect? Can we experience intellectual transfer effects when learning a musical instrument? Internationally recognised music educators and psychologists offer critical insights into the impact of music on the mind and what is happening to your neurons when the stereo is pumped up on high!

The link:

Music performance anxiety ... and how to beat it


Read in Pursuit how Dr Margaret Osborne stopped playing clarinet after a nightmare performance in her teens. She new helps musicians at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. 

27 September 2-16

Twins and musical ability


Hear Professor Sarah Wilson discuss on Insight how twin research can help unlock the contribution of genetic and envrionmental factors in music ability. Click here for interview. 

Episode aired on SBS March 2016.

Prof Wilson - ABC radio interview on Music & IQ - 4/8/2016


Professor Sarah Wilson's research on the benefits of music on IQ was recently featured on ABC Radio (4th August 2016). Listen online here.

Drumming program helping Vietnam veterans affected by PTSD


ABC News coverage on 15 Aug 2016 of MMW PhD candidate James Richmond's groundbreaking study in suburban Melbourne is using simple drum beats to help Vietnam veterans heal the emotional scars of combat.  Click here to see the write-up of the story on ABC news website.


Want a higher IQ? Start a band! Prof Sarah Wilson on ABC Radio


Hear Prof Sarah Wilson talk on the neuroscience of music on ABC radio (aired 4 August 2016).



How anxiety affects creativity - ArtsHub article with Dr Margaret Osborne


Read Emma Clark Gratton's article in ArtsHub on How Your Anxiety is Affecting your Creavtivity, in which Dr Margaret Osborne was interviewed on how anxiety might damage performance.

Click here for the full article. (, 8 July 2016).

2016 Melbourne Recital Centre Music & Wellbeing Survey released


Enthusiasm, joy, happiness, excitement, learning and enrichment…

These are the feelings we often associate with the shared experience of live music performance. Melbourne Recital Centre wanted to understand more about the impact that music heard in its inspiring spaces has on concertgoers’ feelings of wellbeing. In late 2015, it began a research project with a multi-disciplinary team from The University of Melbourne’s School of Culture and Communication, Music, Mind and Wellbeing and Melbourne Business School to investigate the dimensions of wellbeing around enrichment, community and immersion.


The research found that 92% of surveyed audience members reported a feeling of increased personal wellbeing directly enhanced by an experience at Melbourne Recital Centre. 

Click here for more information and to download the full report.


Emeritus Professor Denise Grocke receives Order of Australia - ABC interview


Emeritus Professor Denise Grocke interviewed on Radio National about music therapy

Emeritus Professor Denise Grocke recently received an Order of Australia for her pioneering work in developing the profession of music therapy in Australia. She is interviewed on ABC's Radio National about the history and current practice of music therapy.

Click here to listen to a podcast of the interview.


Podcast: Dr Jeanette Tamplin on ABC Radio National's All in the Mind - excerpts from the World Science Festival panel on Music and Memory


L-R: Gary Thorpe, Dr Jeanette Tamplin, Prof Jurgen Gotz, Dr Amee Baird, Lynne Malcolm

Playing for Time - Music and Memory

Researchers, therapists and neurologists are using music to treat people with brain injuries and disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and depression. Listening to and performing music can help manage anxiety, aggression, and improve quality of life for patients with brain injuries and diseases. Lynne Malcolm discusses music and memory with a panel of experts at the recent World Science Festival, held in Brisbane.

Listen to a Podcast feature excerpts from the panel here.

Read an online article about music and the brain here.