Associate Professor Neil McLachlan

Honorary Associate Professor, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

Dr McLachlan is an Associate Professor in Psychological Sciences at The University of Melbourne and has broad professional experience in music, acoustic design, engineering, and auditory neuroscience. In 2000 he designed the World’s first harmonic bells, and more recently has designed a new harmonic percussion ensemble for use in educational and a range of community contexts. To establish better design criteria for musical instrument design he has developed the first end-end neurobiological model of auditory processing. He has computationally implemented aspects of this model leading to the development of new sound segregation and recognition algorithms for hearing prosthetics and automated sensing systems.  For further information on Dr McLachlan's work, click here.

Research Interests

  • Design optimisation
  • Human psycho-acoustical modelling
  • Neuro-psychologically inspired machine sensing systems
  • Human cognitively based representations of music and acoustical events

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